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Welcome to our creative community

Verdant Voices is a home for creative people who are concerned with environmental issues. Together, we hope to change the world for the better, to preserve our beautiful planet for all living creatures.

Our vision

We want to inspire change through creative projects. Our world is in desperate need of aid, and we want to change the attitudes towards climate change. 

We believe it isn’t too late to alter our habits and way of living in order to safeguard the future, not just for humans, but for the creatures we share our world with.

By setting up a united creative community focused on environmental themes, we hope to shape public thinking about our planet. Our end goal is to publish books, produce films, promote artwork and share stories that put the plight of Earth above all else.



We are looking for creative people, such as writers, artists, film makers and musicians who are interested in exploring environmental themes. If your work is eco-orientated, we can offer you a place to showcase your ideas.